We’re allocating 20.8 million euros to issues related with the COVID-19 pandemic

We’re allocating 20.8 million euros to issues related with the COVID-19 pandemic

The company is introducing a discount on telecommunications services for vulnerable families

Andorra la Vella, 7 May 2020

In March and April, Andorra Telecom issued discounts to companies worth €812,559 as part of the Government’s plan to support the productive fabric of society during the coronavirus crisis. The 20 million from company reserves used by the state to cover additional costs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic need to be added to this figure.

Andorra Telecom’s total contribution is 20.8 million euros, which added to the 10.7 from FEDA brings the combined contribution by the two companies to 31.5 million euros.

This was announced during the joint appearance of the Minister for Regional Planning, Jordi Torres, and the Minister for Environment and Sustainability, Sílvia Calvó, who chair the boards of directors of Andorra Telecom and FEDA respectively.

Torres also reported on the discounts on telecommunications services that Andorra Telecom will be applying to families who are in a situation of social and economic vulnerability, in compliance with the agreement soon to be signed with the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Social Discounts

Andorra Telecom will offer a 15% discount on the 300 Mbps fibre optic service, the landline call plan and up to two XS rate mobiles. Added to the contribution from the Ministry of Social Affairs, “it can cover up to 50 of the 60 euros that the average family consumes in telecommunications without including the TV service”, said Torres. In the event of non-payment by families who have had assistance allocated to them, the service won’t be terminated, and the costs will be assumed by the Government.

As for the temporary discounts applied during the months of March and April, a total of 5,477 companies and self-employed people have benefited, receiving a 100 percent discount in case of a total suspension of activity, and 80 percent when the stoppage has only been partial. The economic impact on the company was €282,544 in March, when the measure was applied in the middle of the month, and €530,015 in April.

Other economic measures adopted have been an up to 12-month interest free payment holiday, an option that has been taken up by 186 companies, and the cessation of measures against non-payment.