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What is the Teleforum?

The Forum for Telecom Operators of Small States, known as the ‘Teleforum’ was established through a meeting held in London in September 2000. It was set up for participants to share experiences, address issues faced by small operators, undertake group initiatives and lobby for common interests.

The Teleforum encourages initiatives such as knowledge sharing, consultations, training, pooling of resources, and discussions on the legal, regulatory, technical and commercial environment of the telecommunications industry in small states. Discussions and workshops are held at conferences held at least once a year where members and major players in the industry engage, share experiences and identify solutions.

Founding Teleforum Members

Founding Teleforum members. London, September 2000.

A note from the Chairman

I’ve known Teleforum since I first took part in 2002, when it was held in the Principality of Andorra. My first contact with it was a bit by chance, due to it being held in my home country. I found the event really curious, but also very enriching.

This annual meeting that brings together such different operators – who even share such similar problems – is an environment that allows us to address our challenges together. We’re all the big operator in a small country. Small, particularly in terms of the number of inhabitants. And telecommunications typically need a critical mass of customers, our Achilles’ heel.

However, as an operator in a small country, that’s where we can show the singular ingenuity of singular societies. Small communities, used to living in an increasingly globalised environment, know how to respond. Some have become living labs, some have chosen to be pioneers in technology and others have gone beyond their borders to provide services using their know-how.

Even so, both island operators and operators in countries surrounded by much larger countries have to deal very carefully with customers because – unlike in big countries – everybody knows everybody in a small one. Proximity to customers means that anonymity isn’t an option, and customers are firm in demanding quality of service.

The secret of Teleforum is trust. We speak openly and frankly. We share what’s worked for us and what hasn’t worked. We offer the opinion of a provider from all the angles of possible relevance to a small operator and describe our own approach to the challenges and our strategies to the benefit of other operators. At the same time, we take note of their experience and remarks. Everything is done in a straightforward way.

During my term as President, I’ll do my best to maintain that spirit, to ensure that this group of friends will continue to meet in a framework of openness and trust to pursue their quest for projects that benefit all.


Jordi Nadal Bentadé
Chief Executive Officer
Andorra Telecom


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