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GO Smart Wi-Fi – Guaranteed

GO Smart Wi-Fi – Guaranteed

Reliable Broadband connectivity in every corner of your home with ‘GO Smart Wi-Fi’- Guaranteed!


GO has today launched its latest in a line-up of innovative products – its ‘GO Smart Wi-Fi’, which guarantees top speed broadband in every corner of one’s home. What’s more, this product is offered as part of the ‘Try and Buy’ scheme, where customers can try the product without committing, with the option of returning the product, at no cost, if it does not live up to the customers’ expectations. It also comes with a dedicated App, which also allows parental controls and a host of other user friendly features. On the other hand, by means of a specialised support service, GO can also monitor the health of the Wi-Fi signal remotely and proactively address any issues that may be encountered.


Wi-Fi connectivity issues are the source of at least 60% of calls made to telecoms call centres. This is supported by an independent survey which shows that unless broadband speeds are experienced seamlessly across the home, then the customer experience falls short of what the connection is actually capable of. In other words, a strong Wi-Fi connection has become more of a priority than further enhancing broadband speeds.


‘We have invested heavily in our TrueFibre network over the years and to date, we remain the only operator that offers TrueFibre up to one’s living room. However, due to a number of factors, which also include house design, in some cases, our customers were not experiencing the full capability of our state-of-the art networks as the speeds reaching their homes, is not necessarily the speeds experienced on their respective devices,’ explained Nikhil Patil, CEO at GO. ‘We now offer a one-stop-shop solution for both broadband and Wi-Fi Service. Our new Wi-Fi pods promise the same internet experience, wherever you are in your house,’ he continued.


Talking about the customer experience, Antonio Ivankovic, Chief Commercial Officer at GO explained that GO has focused heavily on this in the past year. ‘We have invested a great amount of time, energy and resources to ensure that we reconnect with our customers, understand their needs and their pain points and address these as efficiently as possible. We recognised that Wi-Fi was an issue and left no stone unturned until we found and deployed a product that is designed well enough to address this reality,’ he explained. ‘We are committed to offer the best customer experience on the island, from the decision to try, all the way through to installation,’ he continued.


At a one-time fee of €30 and a monthly subscription of just €2.99 for two pods, this product is well placed to support the demands of remote working and home-schooling in the wake of the covid-19 outbreak and beyond.