JT News - Graeme Millar

Teleforum chooses Jersey’s Graeme Millar to chair the global organisation for the next two years

The Forum for Telecom Operators of Small States (Teleforum) has elected the Chief Executive of JT, the Jersey-based telecoms operator, Graeme Millar, as its chairman.

Graeme was appointed to the newly created role at Teleforum’s 27th conference held on 6 and 7 June in the Finnish Åland Islands. Teleforum brings together 18 operators from as far apart as Suriname, the Cape Verde Islands and Luxembourg and provides its diverse membership with a way to share their experiences, and tackle some of the unique challenges
which small operators face in the global market.

As well as highlighting areas of common experience and lobbying for common interests, Teleforum encourages knowledge sharing, consultations, pooling of resources and discussions on the legal, regulatory, technical and commercial environment of the telecommunications industry in small states. Discussions and workshops are held several times a year at which members and major players in the industry engage, identify solutions and training needs and benefit from each other’s experiences. The organisation has held 27 meetings since its formation in 2000.

Graeme has said that his focus over the next two years will be to lead in supporting member organisations and providing a strong voice on the international stage for small state operators. “On a professional level, the election is a great honour. There are a number of challenges and technological advances on the immediate horizon which will have a unique impact on smaller jurisdictions and this is a valuable forum which allows us to learn from each other, work together to reduce costs and build joint platforms to reduce the impact of subscale operations,” said Graeme.